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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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Why Gold's Inevitable Rise to $Thousands?

As the price of gold rises to $1,500 and then well beyond, gold shares will likely be the best performers in the world. But the biggest winners will not be large household name stocks but rather junior exploration stocks that succeed in discovering large scale economic gold deposits. Editor Jay Taylor seeks to find undiscovered gold producers and exploration companies that have the potential to rise 10 fold or more during this bull market. So far this year as you can see from the chart on your left Jay is having a very good year. But you simply throw darts at names of gold mining companies on the Toronto exchange if you want to optimize your returns. Following are some important headlines for some companies covered by Jay in his newsletter.

5/26    - Dr. Quinton Hennigh
5/26    - Dr. Quinton Hennigh
5/26    - John Burzynski
5/26    - Stephen Nano
5/26    - Stockwatch
5/25    - Management
5/25    - Murray Payne
5/25    - John Toffan
5/25    - Chris Lodder
5/25    - John Burzynski
5/25    - Duane Poliquin
5/25    - Duane Poliquin
5/25    - Mark Kolebaba
5/25    - Patrick Cruickshank
5/25    - Globe Newswire
5/24    - Brian Groves
5/24    - J Taylor & Q. Henningh
5/24    - Jeffrey Wilson
5/24    - Melanee Henderson
5/24    - Robert Willis

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